Monday, June 7, 2010

My 2 months Baking Course @ Malaysian Institute of Baking (MIB)

I have always wanted to learn baking. Yeah, I dabbled in baking a bit here and there from recipe books but I knew that I wanted to do a proper course so I could acquire the right techniques and tips.

While I was in Malaysia last year, I searched around for some good baking schools. There were quite a few. However, either some were just one off classes, or location was too far for me, or recipes that did not interest me, and yeah definitely some were just too expensive.

I found Malaysian Institute of Baking in one of my searches and immediately liked the overall package. They have full time and part time courses. They teach over 60-100 recipes from breads, pastries, cookies to cakes. Best of all it is a hands-on class with a max of 4 students to a table.

With working full time, I could only take up the part time baking course. It is 3 days a week for 8 weeks. Weekdays Tuesday and Thursday from 6.00pm - 9.30pm and on Saturday 2.00pm - 5.30pm. It seemed pretty taxing so I did not find the right time to do it in 2009. However, this year before I came over to US, I realized that there is never the right time, I just gotta commit and do it! Everything fell in place and the 2 months course would end just before I left for USA. Perfect!

I must say that MIB exceeded my expectations. I found the classes very well done, the students were well taken care of and the hands on class really gave each student the right practice on what was required.

This is my snapshot of my Part Time Certificate in Baking Course with MIB.

The teachers - The institute is headed by Mr Don Yong. He is the principal and the main teacher. He is a nice fatherly figure teacher who is really patient and generous with the students. During the practical/hands on session, there is also a "teacher" assigned to each table. These are the Diploma students who have been in MIB for at least a year. They are there to guide us and give us tips as we do our hands on.

The students - the class consist about 30 - 40 students. Each table has only a maximum of 4 students. We get to do one measurements for the ingredients but the making, folding of the pastries are done individually.

The Class - It starts in a classroom setting for briefing before we head down for the practical / hands on session in the kitchen. Each group has a table with utensils and ingredients as required. After we make the day's recipe, we would all go back to classroom again for debrief and lessons or video class while our goodies are baking. After class, we pick up our goodies :)

The Food - MIB is really generous with the part-time students. Due to the time we come in (usually after work for most people), they make sure we don't get hungry so there is usually a tea break with lotsa of food (different choices every time) from breads, cakes, pasta, curry, sandwiches, lasagna, chicken pies coffee, teas etc etc.

Best of all, the recipes that we make, we get to take them home at the end of the day. Be prepared for the next 8 weeks to be eating breads, pastries, cakes, cookies and more for you and family and also to giveaway. If you have a small family, trust me you can't consume all the stuff that you make cos you are going to class every 2 days and the food just keep coming in.

All in all, I had a wonderful experience in MIB. Not only I got to learn great techniques, tons of recipes but met wonderful teachers and made new friends.

Now, armed with my baking certificate (*beam *beam *grin *grin), it's time to put it to real use. Making all the recipes on my own!

MALAYSIAN INSTITUTE OF BAKING (Formerly known as English Hotbreads School of Baking (M) Sdn. Bhd.)

11, Jalan 52/8, PJ New Town
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, 46200 Malaysia

Email :
Contacts :
603-7956 9011 / 7956 9043
603-7954 1557 / 7955 2457
Website :


fikah mus said...

how i envied you!!
i've been wanting to be there and learn baking, but i'll be starting my degree in july.
you're so lucky!!

mysimplefood said...

Fikah Mus - Dont worry, if you really want it bad enough, you will find the time one day. All the best!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I was googling for Baking courses in Msia, and chanced upon yr blog. I am a Msian living abroad, and plan to go back to Msia early next year for holidays. May I ask how much the course cost you, and whether they have a similar course during the day time. I looked up their site, but only found the part time course list and topics, minus the price range. Thanks for sharing :)

mysimplefood said...

Hi! The part time baking course I took cost about RM2500 for 8 weeks - 3 times per week. I am not sure if they have day time classes though. I think they will be mostly in the evenings though. Let me know if you have any questions.

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for your reply. I am considering MIB and also Taylor's College for their short course. Taylor's is 3k. May I ask if your class made ALL the items on their brochure? Looks like a lot. Do you have any advise/suggestions for someone like me? Thanks a lot once again.

mysimplefood said...

Yeah I remember checking out different courses. I think MIB provides the best value. And yeah they do teach a lot of recipes it is about 3 recipes per class so overall about 60 -70 recipes

Anonymous said...

Ok, many thanks for yr help! You have a great site. Im gonna try yr prawn mee recipe tomorrow ;)

mysimplefood said...

Most welcomed. Good luck with the prawn mee.

Saf Mohsin said...

I was thinking about enrolling for the part time course some time later this year. So I was looking for reviews on MIB and I found your blog!
Your post was really helpful, so I just want to say THANK YOU! :)
Now I'm so much more excited to try this course!

mysimplefood said...

Hi Saf, I am really glad I am able to help. I hope you have a great time and learn a lot!! Enjoy!

Joanneccy said...

Thank you for your post and all the information :)

mysimplefood said...

Joaneccy - Hope the info was helpful to you :)

Liza said...

Do they have any exams at the end?

mysimplefood said...

Hi Liza - No exams for the part time courses.

Liza said...

I'm taking the course right now (Feb - Apr '11) - tons of fun, tons of food! But I wish they'd let us see to the products from start to finish. I want to see the products rise, butter/egg-wash the top, see how they bake in the oven, etc.... then again, there is the time constraint. Thanks for you insights on the course!

mysimplefood said...

Liza - Glad that you are having so much fun. Agree it is time constraint and the students helpers are excellent to guide and teach and do a lot of the work. Sometimes, you can just hang around the oven area and just ask watch and ask them questions as they are doing their work. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

i'm currently planning to enrol myself for a part time baking course & considering which institute to enrol.So happen to stumble upon your blog which really helps me to made the decision.
Thanks for the info of your time in MIB.
Hope to see more of ur creations in the future.

Maggi said...

hi im living in pakistan and want to do a short rather shortest course as im a hosewife but want to learn baking proffesionally
so please tell me how its possible. please give me the details ill be grateful.

Anonymous said...

Hye.. thank for you information regarding to your experienced at MIB..coz i was selected by an institution to pursue a bakery at MIB in the next week. After i view your blog my perception to MIB its become greater and able to fulfill my expectation.. thank.

Anonymous said...

Hi, the MIB is private one or what??Can i loan by ptptn if i plan to study at there?

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing your experience there, i've been looking around for some baking class and found out that MIB was one of them. after seeing your feedback, i guess i won't hesitate to enroll :)
but is there a new update in the course? is saturday and sunday now..

mysimplefood said...

Thanks for all the response and interest on MIB. I am glad I am able to help out with sharing of my experience.

I am not sure about student loan for MIB but I think it will be worth checking with the MIB folks. They will be able to help you.

As I know when I joined, they have the Sat-Sun classes once a year. The other sessions are weekdays and Sat.

Anonymous said...

hi there, ptptn loan is available for eligible students taking full time diploma course. the new intake starts on wednesday 8th feb,2012. the next one will be on 7th may,2012.
part time certificate courses starts on 25th feb,2012.

Anonymous said...

yann said...

Hi,I dreamt of enrolling in MIB for the part time baking course, is MIB accepts payment by installments? Actually I'm also searching and comparing MIB with other academy such as Sugarcraft, Famous Chef etc,is MIB the best among these academy? Thanks^^

Anonymous said...

Hai, I've been searching for a part time baking course. I'm glad I've found your blog. thx btw. they will teach how to bake from the basic right?

Elizabeth said...

ive long searched for a part time baking certificate. most cant accommodate my tight working schedule as i sometimes work on weekends too. i read yr blog and i have a little hope about this institute. u mention it was 8 weeks, 3 times a week. but i checked the website u posted, it was only saturday & sunday.

is there other part time baking course they offer or they change the schedule you previously in? thanks for the blog. keep posting. im one of your frequent visitor.

Sharon said...

Hi at there longer baking courses? Do you accommodate international students as well

Shamimah Mimah said...

anyone knows how much it costs??

MIB said...

Dear writer, thank you for the wonderful post! Hope you are bringing the Malaysian flavours to the States.

MIB Learning Enrivonment runs part time classes all year round, only on weekends. For baking, total of 18 sessions & 72 recipes, fees at RM2788.

As for MIB Academic the Diploma in Baking Sceince & Techhnology, it is a full 2 years with industrial training, and PTPTN loan is available.

Enquiries are welcome at our Facebook, Website or Office!

To mysimplefood, we owe many thanks to students like you to spread the word. Appreciate your kind words and please drop us a visit when you're in town! Might just have some food tasting for you to try ;)

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